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It all began when my Mother and Father started retirement…

It was not an easy decision to leave a career in bank management to start my own business. I had a steady income with a wonderful company and continued room for unlimited growth. Why the change? My parents retired and needed to downsize. They needed my help, and throughout the process, I realized they were not the only ones who were facing this life change. Over and again, I spent time on the phone with my mother and heard the sheer exhaustion in her voice. I was still working full time and couldn’t be there as much as she needed me during her move. You see, my parents have lived in the same house for over 30 years. It’s where I grew up.  We created memories in those rooms, and the task, let along the thought, of moving was overwhelming.  When I asked my mother & father what was the most challenging part of the whole move, in unison they said, “We just didn’t know where or how to start!”


We had a lot of figuring out to do and quite the learning curve along the way. Fortunately, over the years have built a strong network of trusted referral sources for everything from storage to mortgage, a real estate attorney for those really tough situations, and a trust attorney for when things are missed or unexpected, and a vast network of Realtors both locally and throughout the states. Having worked with these folks for years, I already trust them with my bank clients, why not with my parents?


And then the real work began…


I was still in fear through my own transition and my movement was slow… a few clients here and there, paying little attention to my website or Social Media. I returned to the perceived security of Banking and my misery was doubled if not more. I was not following my passion…I knew there was a great need and that my talent filled this void. It wasn’t until I found myself without that secure job that I had the awakening that it was time for me to be BRAVE and give my all to helping others in every season of their lives.  Stay tuned and watch us grow!