Outdoorsy. Compassionate. Tidy.


Laurie Levin finds great joy in being outdoors. She is happiest with a backpack strapped on and a trail underfoot. Some of her best days are spent running trails while listening to Opera. She is a compassionate vegan, loves to stroll through the local farmers market to pick the freshest food for the upcoming week, and enjoys the hunt at second hand or consignment stores.


Laurie is a bit of a clean freak and a financial nerd who follows a budget and clips coupons. She is a planner addict who probably spends more time & money than is necessary (but it’s in the budget!) on planning out the days, weeks & months ahead, decorating with stickers and color coding to match calamity with serenity.


One of her biggest fears is the ocean, and although she spends much of her time at the beach, she stays on the dry land and merely tips her toes in to cool off. She is head over heels in love with her husband and excitedly awaiting her daughters to marry and begin families of their own.