Another Mother's Daughter | Meet Donna & Laurel
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Meet Donna & Laurel

11329966_10205880688290485_7977419574327675031_nRetirement was upon us and it was time to downsize, but where to start?   We hadn’t moved in more than 30 years, and over that time we had accumulated much.   Although there were only two of us in a four bedroom house, we managed to pack every closet, drawer and space in the house with “stuff”.  Our two car garage became a storage unit and the cars had to park outside!  We still had toys and such packed in the attic that our kids left behind when they left the nest.  There was so much that needed to be done, it was exhausting just thinking of where to start.  The housing  market was hot and we knew that once we put the house on the market it would sell fast.

We incurred several unexpected expenses  (temporary storage pod, hauling off of junk, professional cleaning, and dog sitter for our sweet pooch on the more hectic days).  On top of that, we would have to hire a moving company to actually move us.  Preparing for and hosting garage sales was exhausting and we had limited help.  We were in such a rush to get things done, I’m not sure we even priced our belongings right.  It felt like we were just giving things away.  We have several collectibles we ended up taking along as we didn’t have the time to sell them online, as that process in itself would be very time consuming.

We fumbled through the process of downsizing and unfortunately, while doing some regular cleaning, I fell and broke my elbow which required major surgery and a long recovery.  Now the stress was really piling on.  My husband would have to do all the lifting and carrying in addition to assisting me with my needs, which were many.

After only two weeks on the market, our house sold.  Fortunately for us, the buyers rented back to us in order to give us a little more time to get the job done.  Now, in addition to getting the downsizing done, we had to get moving on coordinating closing on the new home with closing on this one.

Our daughters and granddaughters helped as much as they could, but being they all have jobs and do not live locally, we were in a panic.  Then, a few weeks before the move when I was in meltdown mode, our youngest daughter, Laurie came to our rescue and took control.  Her cheerful and positive attitude made the process much less stressful and she was such a blessing.  Her organization process for packing & storage were extremely helpful. She knew who to call for what, and how to get things done in a timely manner.  She is kind and soft spoken, but made us take a real look at what we had and what we really NEEDED to keep. Laurie checked in with us frequently, always asking our “3 things to accomplish for the day” and helping us stay realistic in our expectations of ourselves and one another.

This experience has made Laurie realize her calling in life and she has decided use her skills to help others get through this process in a very organized and stress free way.  Whether you are retiring or newly empty nesting, planned or unplanned downsizing due to the death of a loved one, or just want a fresh start on your home, Laurie is the person to get the job done.

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